September 18, 2020

Steroids and Bodybuilding

Trenbolone Shows SARM-Like Potential in Androgen Replacement Therapy

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) may be the current darlings of scientific research into alternative options for androgen replacement therapy, but University of Florida researchers are excited by the “SARM-like potential” of trenbolone. They suggest that the actions of trenbolone are similar to selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs).

Low-dose trenbolone was called “SARM-like” because of the positive anabolic effects in muscle and bone without negative side androgenic side effects of prostate enlargement or polycythemia. [Read more…]

Bodybuilders Using Injectable PMMA to Enhance Muscle Size

Nelson Vergel, the author of “Testosterone: A Man’s Guide“, posted an article on MESO-Rx about the use of injectable PMMA (non-resorbable polymethylmethacrylate microspheres) among bodybuilders to enhance muscle size and shape. The use of “site enhancement oil” has been a part of recreational and competitive bodybuilding for over a decade. This became increasingly popular after Chris Clark introduced “Synthol” to the bodybuilding community for this purpose in the mid 1990s. Recently, Patrick Arnold wrote about a water-based synthol-type product containing carrageenan that is commercially available under the name “A Slick Sheen”. However, the potential  appeal of PMMA (sold commercially under the trade names Artefill and Metacrill) is that they are sterile, pharmaceutical products already used in medicine. [Read more…]

Hair Loss and Anabolic Steroids

Ask Bill Roberts: Will my hair loss increase when I take greater amounts of steroids? And if I only experience minor hair loss using large doses of anabolic steroids like winstrol, masteron and tren (steroids known for hair loss), would small doses of AAS known to cause minimal hair loss cause much if any at all? [Read more…]

How Underground Steroid Handbook Was Written

The story of how Dan Duchaine and Michael Zumpano, founder and CEO of Champion Nutrition, co-authored the “Underground Steroid Handbook” is very interesting. An account is included in the book “Steroid Nation“. While “Steroid Nation” has been criticized for its sensationalistic attacks on Duchaine’s personal life, an excerpt that includes the interesting backstory behind the “Underground Steroid Handbook” is worth reading. [Read more…]

Shaun Assael’s Steroid Nation and Dan Duchaine

Dan Duchaine is featured in the book Steroid Nation by Shaun Assael. Assael’s narrative is very antagonistic towards bodybuilding / supplements /steroids and makes every effort to demonize Duchaine by relentlessly attacking his personal life. The book’s portrayal of Duchaine has been criticized as being overly sensationalistic with several inaccuracies. [Read more…]

Dianabol for Bridging Steroid Cycles

Ask Bill Roberts: Can Dianabol be used to bridge two different steroid cycles? Or does it prevent androgen receptors from cleaning out? Isn’t receptor downregulation a myth? [Read more…]

Bodybuilder Toney Freeman Releases Statement on Muscle Profiling in Sweden

IFBB professional bodybuilder Toney Freeman released a statement this weekend describing his recent experience as a victim of “muscle profiling” by police in Sweden.

“Muscle profiling” as suggestive of anabolic steroid use is an accepted law enforcement practice in Sweden that has been used to detain numerous bodybuilders in recent years. The muscle profiling policy has been kept under the radar for the most part up until recently. [Read more…]

Bodybuilder Jay Cutler Avoids Muscle Profiling Police in Sweden

Professional bodybuilder and four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler cancelled his scheduled guest posing appearance at the Fitnessfestivalen in Göteborg this weekend after IFBB pro Toney Freeman was taken into police custody on Thursday. Sweden advocates the controversial practice of “muscle profiling” where muscular individuals can be detained by police and compelled to submit to urinalyis based on the assumption that muscularity is suggestive of anabolic steroid use. [Read more…]

Bodybuilder Toney Freeman’s Muscle Profiling Experience in Sweden

IFBB pro bodybuilder Toney Freeman was taken into police custody shortly after arriving in Sweden for the 2010 Fitness Festival in Göteborg. Freeman, a victim of “muscle profiling“, was detained during an appearance in Sundsvall solely because he was a professional bodybuilder. [Read more…]

Spanish Doctor Implicated in Doping Scandal – "Germans Want to Shit on the Spaniards"

Spanish doctor Marcos Maynar Mariño sent an email offering comprehensive urinalysis and steroid profiling at 50 euros per athlete to as many as ten professional cycling teams including Gerolsteiner, Milram, CSC and Columbia . Maynar offered to provide a complete analysis consistent with the same control methods used by the International Cycling Union (UCI). The services would be conducted by the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences at the Universidad de Extremadura in Cáceres, Spain (“Dos médicos españoles, acusados de dopar,” July 20).

According to the German television station ARD, Spanish doctor Marcos Maynar offered these services as for internal testing allowing athletes to monitor their doping to ensure that their use of performance enhancing drugs would not be detected by doping controls at the 2008 Tour de France and other pro cycling events. Maynar responded to the allegations that he aided and abetted doping by suggesting that ARD had ulterior motives stemming from bitterness over disgraced cyclist Jan Ullrich (“Marcos Maynar niega que quiera favorecer el dopaje,” July 21).

“Since Jan Ullrich’s tested positive, the Germans have wanted to shit on the Spaniards.”

[Read more…]