September 30, 2020

Roger Clemens and Lidocaine

I am shocked at the misinformation regarding lidocaine that has circulated the media news sites and blogosphere as it relates to major league baseball player Roger Clemens. The addition of lidocaine to a B-12 injection didn’t seem unusual to me or even in need of an explanation. I didn’t think I need bother to comment upon it; surely, someone would explain it.

ESPN interviewed two “experts” – Dr. Ken Dretchen, pharmacology department chair at Georgetown University and Dr. John F. Dombrowski, director of pain medicine at the Washington Pain Center. They were clueless. Amazing. But I definitely won’t hold it against them. They are most certainly experts in their respective fields, just not experts on doping. [Read more…]

Roger Clemens Will Be Crucified in the Media

The Roger Clemens interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes will turn out to be a disaster for Clemens. Attorney Rusty Hardin should be fired for advising him and speaking out for him in the press.

Hardin told the press recently that Clemens received multiple injections throughout his career. He even compared the use of, shall we say performance-enhancing injections, to those of a high-performance racehorse. Great analogy (sarcasm) – compare a suspected doper to another sport that has historically been plagued by doping.

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Steroid Common Sense from Dr. Charles Yesalis

Two of my favorite steroid writers are John Hoberman, PhD and Charles Yesalis, PhD. I read their books. I read their articles. I have “Google Alerts” set to notify me when they are quoted by the media. I have even invited them to write for my website (and I’ve been fortunate to have Dr. Hoberman write a few feature articles for me).

Several of my friends and colleagues wonder why I enjoy works from these “anti-steroid guys.” While I may have a different perspective regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, Dr. Yesalis and Dr. Hoberman represent the few prominent “steroid experts” that generally stay above the histrionics and scaremongering.

Dr. Yesalis recently discussed the topic of steroids in an interview published on Testosterone Nation website: [Read more…]