September 25, 2020

Canadian Football League – Summer Camp for Violators of NFL Steroid Policy

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is the only professional sporting league in North America that has not yet implemented steroid testing for its football players. Former WADA chief Dick Pound had previously called the CFL a “summer camp” for NFL players suspended for violations of the NFL policy on anabolic steroids and related substances [Read more…]

Cyclist Jan Ullrich Pays Fine for Defrauding Public by Doping

Since doping is not a crime in Germany, German prosecutors sued cyclist Jan Ullrich for fraud based on evidence of the use of banned blood doping and performance-enhancing drugs (“Jan Ullrich draws 1M euro fine in doping fraud case,” April 12).

Disgraced former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich is to pay out a million euro fine to end a fraud case which German prosecutors have been investigating, Focus news magazine reported on its Web site Saturday.

Prosecutors accused the 1997 Tour de France winner of taking performance-enhancing drugs, leading under German law to fraud charges against the 34-year-old on the basis he deceived the public, sponsors and his team.

The United States does not have laws that specifically criminalize doping in sports. However, the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990, passed as a direct result of doping scandals in sports, criminalizes the non-medical uses of anabolic-androgenic steroids. One of the primary objectives for the act has been to combat “cheating” in sports although it has been largely ineffective for this purpose. Instead, the federal government has had some recent success using perjury laws to prosecute athletes who use steroids. Maybe sports fraud prosecutions will join perjury as an additional way of making examples out of “immoral” athletes.

Do Athletes Implicated in Doping Scandals Deserve a Second Chance?

Many sponsors have pulled out of the sport of professional cycling which has been plagued by numerous steroid and doping scandals e.g. Phonak, iShares and T-Mobile. But the doping scandals have not deterred new sponsors from making large financial investments in cycling. Michael Ball, cycling enthusiast, head fashion designer and CEO of Rock and Republic has committed to a 5-year sponsorship of Rock Racing, a national professional cycling team; the team is also supported by Cadillac, Scott USA and Shimano. (HED withdrew because of doping controversy.) [Read more…]

German Journalists and Doping Scandals

The Steroid Nation blog has some very insightful commentary by Jürgen Kalwa, a journalist for the German national newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, on the recent Humanplasma Lab doping scandal. It seemed to me that the recent German reporting, lawsuits, apologies, and financial conflicts of interest were problematic for arriving at the truth in the Humanplasma Lab case. Kalwa discusses Germany’s unique relationship with doping and the threats to independent journalism when it comes to covering doping scandals. [Read more…]

German Broadcaster Apologizes for Implicating Athletes in Doping Scandal

The Humanplasma Lab in Vienna, Austria has been under investigation for allegations of performing illegal blood transfusions for athletes. No athletes were initially named until the German television station ARD linked 30 athletes as clients of Humanplasma Lab including Tour de France riders Michael Rasmussen (Denmark), Michael Boogerd (Netherlands), and Denis Menchov (Russia) as well as several other cyclists, biathletes and cross-country skiers, two-thirds of which were German athletes. [Read more…]