September 29, 2020

Unintended Consequences of War on Athletes Using Anabolic Steroids

The federal government’s obsession with eliminating anabolic steroids from Major League Baseball is compromising state law enforcement efforts to fight drug dealers and violent criminals thereby jeopardizing the public safety¬†according to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Brouchard.

“While Congress focuses on the need to eliminate drug use from baseball, law enforcement is struggling to get action on Byrne . . . which fights drugs not just in baseball, but on our streets and in our neighborhoods,” Bouchard said. “Literally thousands of children have been saved from drug scenes by this program.”

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Focus on Steroids Overshadows More Widely Used Drugs in High Schools

The increased news coverage of anabolic steroid use in sports over the past few years has led to the perception that steroid use by high school athletes is more common than it really is. Grandstanding legislators have used the exaggerated news coverage to call steroid use in baseball a “public health crisis.” Steroid use by teenagers is a big problem. But let’s don’t forget the more serious problems that are facing our teenagers.

OK. Let’s say the motive for this steroids hearing is, in fact, about protecting America’s kids from the harmful influence of sports leagues that care only about boosting ticket sales and TV ratings. Then I imagine we can expect a big ballyhooed hearing soon on the substance that is most glorified by sports leagues and kills more kids every year than every other drug combined. [Read more…]

More Important Things for Congress to Do Than Investigate Steroids in Baseball

The DailyKos chastised Representative Henry Waxman for wasting time (and taxpayer money) investigating anabolic steroids in baseball. Since Congress is having a difficult time determining our nation’s priorities, Kos offered a list of “100 things Congress could do that matter more than steroids in baseball.” This could have have just as easily been a list of 1000 things as there is no shortage of more important issues facing the United States.