September 20, 2020

Victor Conte Tells UK Sports How to Take Candy from a Baby

John Scott, the Director of Drug Free Sports at UK Sport, welcomed cooperation from sprinter Dwain Chambers and Victor Conte in sharing details of a sophisticated BALCO performance enhancing drug stack (“Statement regarding Dwain Chambers meeting,” May 16).

Through the letter which Dwain handed to us, he has provided a detailed account of his doping programme which highlights the level of sophistication that goes these systematic regimes. It is through this sort of information that we are able to better understand both the mindset of why athletes choose that path and the network that sits behind them. It is these networks of manufacture, trafficking and supply that we need to be able to tap into if we are to get to the heart of doping in sport.

Victor Conte (in a letter to sprinter Dwain Chambers) explained how easy it is for athletes to thwart anti-doping drug testers, even without designer steroids, using short acting steroids and performance enhancing drugs. It is called the “duck and dodge” technique (“Conte’s prescription for success,” May 16).