September 18, 2020

German Journalists and Doping Scandals

The Steroid Nation blog has some very insightful commentary by Jürgen Kalwa, a journalist for the German national newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, on the recent Humanplasma Lab doping scandal. It seemed to me that the recent German reporting, lawsuits, apologies, and financial conflicts of interest were problematic for arriving at the truth in the Humanplasma Lab case. Kalwa discusses Germany’s unique relationship with doping and the threats to independent journalism when it comes to covering doping scandals. [Read more…]

German Broadcaster Apologizes for Implicating Athletes in Doping Scandal

The Humanplasma Lab in Vienna, Austria has been under investigation for allegations of performing illegal blood transfusions for athletes. No athletes were initially named until the German television station ARD linked 30 athletes as clients of Humanplasma Lab including Tour de France riders Michael Rasmussen (Denmark), Michael Boogerd (Netherlands), and Denis Menchov (Russia) as well as several other cyclists, biathletes and cross-country skiers, two-thirds of which were German athletes. [Read more…]