October 1, 2020

War on Steroids Versus War on Drugs

I previously reported how the federal expenditures for the war on steroids and congressional steroid investigations have come at the expense of slashing programs used in the traditional war on drugs.

The federal government’s obsession with eliminating anabolic steroids from Major League Baseball is compromising state law enforcement efforts to fight drug dealers and violent criminals thereby jeopardizing the public safety

The feds are spending more and more taxpayer money pursuing steroid-related investigations while at the same time cutting funding for narcotic-related investigations (via Byrne task force investigations). Grits for Breakfast responded by pointing out how the Byrne task force programs had no meaningful effect on public safety (“Byrne task force funds mainly financing low-grade drug enforcement,” March 10). [Read more…]

David Soares is a Political Fraud Basking in Publicity of Steroid Scandal

David Soares is a political fraud ostensibly promising drug law reform while expanding the costly war on drugs in a different direction. He was elected to the office of the Albany County District Attorney running on a platform seeking to repeal New York’s draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws. Many progressive anti-prohibition organizations fell in love with his rhetoric. To Soare’s credit, his campaign was influential in the passage of minor Rockefeller drug law reforms although critics have charged that the changes do not represent real reform.

Prosecutor David Soares continues to strongly criticize the U.S. war on drugs as an abysmal failure. His 2006 speech at the International Harm Reduction Association conference in Vancouver, where he warned Canada to stay as far away from U.S. drug policy as possible, earned him praise from drug law reformers.

Yet at the same time Soares was criticizing the failure of the “war on drugs”, he was aggressively invigorating the nation’s “war on steroids“; he abandoned his efforts to repeal the Rockefeller drug laws in favor of a costly steroid witch hunt. The inescapable hypocrisy of David Soares’ actions suggest a political opportunist who lacks a principled stance on drug law reform [Read more…]